Spot Bar and Grill Has It All

Every single thing you would love to see in your favorite “hang-out” is there at Spot Bar and Grill. Their service is excellent, the atmosphere is friendly, and the prices are good too. You never experience a dull moment because they have something on every single evening, from Karaoke, to free pool, team trivia games, belly dancing, or free Hooka. You can any night and play pool, watch sport or shows on one of their dozen flat screen TV’s. Regular special on food and drinks and entertainment and a myriad more makes this the “go-to” place! Fenn Bartlett

Great Prices and Excellent Ambience

To me the atmosphere of a place is the most important and the rest is secondary, but at the Spot Bar and Grill they give the best of both worlds. Low prices and excellent service, awesome menu to pick from and every single night do they have something on to entertain their customers. I in particular love the free karaoke every Monday night and the free Hooka on Sundays. Sindy Foserin

Great Hooka at great prices

I love a great Hooka, but what I love even more is when a place do not try to rip you off. Spot Bar and Grill serves a nice selection of Hooka and tobacco and the refill is half the price of the original order. It is the first time I have seen it anywhere. What is better than a great Hooka, a cold one in front of you and good company, which is why I continue to come here? Bob Geldoff

Excellent choice when looking for an event

Hosting an event with everybody happy is difficult in this day of smoking bans and most of our customers always ask us if there will be facilities to smoke. It is getting more and more difficult to keep everybody happy and after we were told about Spot Bar and Grill, we hosted our last bahis siteleri event there and everyone was impressed. Even our CEO complimented us on our event choice, it had great ambience, excellent menu choice and pricing was reasonable. Zeliha Özdemir

The Spot Party Platter is The Best in Town

We are a group of friends who frequent Spot Bar and Grill in the afternoons after work. None of us has wives, girlfriends, or even mothers waiting at home with a warm plate of food, so this is in fact more than just our chilling place. With a no-smoke ban, at most workplaces we cannot wait to chill here with our tobacco, have a few drinks, and eat of the menu. Our favorite, which we have every night and not grown tired off, yet, is the Spot Party Platter. This is waiting on our table as soon as we walk in and later ill we order something more, I love this place, the people, and the excellent service! Ashly Low